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The Everglades June 2017


This photo was taken on June 10, 2017, at the Everglades National Park, Florida.

Long layover in Miami Florida

It was June 10th, 2017, and I was on my way to Bogotá, Colombia, for a one month long nature photography tour, mostly for birds, and the cheapest flight was through Miami International Airport with a long layover.

30 minutes to The Everglades

I got in about 7:30 a.m. and rented a car for the approximately 6 hours before my next flight and drove the 30 minutes or so to the Everglades National Park. I had scouted this location via the web, and ended up at the Shark Valley Visitor Center.

The american alligator

The first fauna I encountered was this American Alligator. As soon as he saw me, he made his way quietly toward the swamp grasses.


Anhingas and great blue herons

I was expecting lots of animal and especially bird activity, but only managed to capture 2 bird species on this hot June morning – the anhinga and the great blue heron.

The anhinga

The first was the Anhinga, the Snake Bird, Darter, or even Water Turkey in some places as it’s known. This one was actively fishing, and didn’t seem to notice me on the creaky, rusty rental bike.

The great blue heron

The other bird species I managed to capture with my 400mm telephoto was the Great Blue Heron. There were a few visible, and I got some time to get some good shots. One of the herons was molting, and at first glance seemed to be just an “old bird.”

Feeding time

The herons were feeding, and I managed to capture one of them snapping up a fresh crayfish for a snack.

Out of time – Back to the airport

Stopping frequently to take photos of these birds, I looked at my watch and realized I wouldn’t make it all the way to the Observatory Tower, so I headed back, turned in the bicycle, and made my way back to the airport with plenty of time to spare.

How to get there

The Shark Valley Visitor Center of the Everglades National Park is about 25 miles west of the Miami International Airport. Entrance to the National Park is $25 for a normal passenger vehicle.